Surprising Reasons Your High-School Student Can Benefit From A Private School

19 December 2016
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If you are determining the most appropriate educational option for your high school student, it is important to be aware of the unique benefits that a private school can offer. For instance, while you may know that private schools usually have smaller class sizes, which often allow for more effective learning, you might be surprised to discover that many private schools have implemented novel anti-bullying techniques. In addition, it is important to note that private schools have a lot of flexibility when designing the curriculum and feedback from the parents of students will frequently impact the educational plans for each grade. Read More 

Knowing The Alphabet Before Preschool Can Help Your Child Out

15 December 2016
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Preschool is usually where children start learning the basics required to begin reading and writing. They might learn the letters and sometimes even begin learning how to write their names. One thing you can do as a parent to help make the transition to preschool easier on your child is begin working on the alphabet at home first. This way, your child will already be somewhat familiar with what he or she is learning once the teacher starts teaching the alphabet. Read More 

3 Ways To Save Money On Private School Education

14 December 2016
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If you want to send your child to private school, do not be dissuaded from the idea solely based on price. Here are three possible ways that your family can save money on private school tuition. Apply For Merit Based Scholarships Most private schools offer various merit-based scholarships to the students who attend their school or who want to attend their school. These merit-based scholarships are usually based on things such as strong grades, leadership inside and outside of school, and a dedication to community service. Read More 

Pilots Need To Learn To Trust Their Instruments As Well As Their Eyes To Avoid Collisions

28 November 2016
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The skies are becoming ever more populated with aircraft flying to exotic destinations or taking business travelers to find new streams of revenue. Each passing year, new pilots are trained in safety standards and regulations to avoid mid-air collisions, and many still rely on their eyes to survey their immediate surroundings. They need to learn, however, to trust their instruments more in certain cases to avoid collisions as well. Airplane Blindspots Read More 

Helping Children Learn About God’s Sovereignty

8 September 2016
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Christian school is all about giving your child a fulfilling education that also promotes a Christian lifestyle. One of the most important lessons your child needs to learn is the sovereignty of God, a lesson that can be tricky for many. Here's how you can help. What Is His Sovereignty? Before teaching your child about His sovereignty, it's worth understanding what it is yourself. You might have an idea of what it is or even fully understand already. Read More